Can Presidents Make Laws? What Can They Do?

Presidents have no power to state war, create laws, or even reduce fuel costs regardless of a publicity coup. Yet there are many recognized capabilities that are included with the office of the Presidency which need no authorization in any way. The majority are relatively undamaging, even though some could result in unintentional catastrophe. Here are instances of what the actual President is able to do.

Change the look of the Air Force One

Trump can make a lot of changes on the present look of the Air Force One. Even if its just to change the aircraft’s refrigeration system that costs $24 million. Check high-end refrigerators,¬† The downside to this though is that the budget is coming from the taxpayers. It’s a good thing this plan to change refrigerators in the plane had been canceled or else it would yield too many negative reviews for Trump. Nonetheless, Trump still pushes on changing Air Force One’s iconic design into red, blue, and white.

Start a nuclear strike

Trump isn’t very powerful to state war on his own will, however, he is able to arrange a nuclear attack when he wants to. Continuously, presidents are just a few feet away from the “nuclear football”. This is the known briefcase that carries the launch codes that can start a nuclear arsenal.

In the event that the President would need to use this power, he/she can give the order directly to the Defense Secretary, who has absolutely no veto power on the subject, and then the attack will begin.

Arrange advanced showing of movies or TV shows

In 2016, Obama has asked a favor from the creators of Game of Thrones for his family to be able to watch in advance (before even shown to the public) the 6th season of Game of Thrones.

Announce and lengthen states of emergency

Presidents can lengthen for many years state of emergency since presidents can easily prolong them each time they decide it is needed. These policy riders enable the president to get health-care help moving, take care of the property, or hire and fire military staff each time.

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