7 Tips On Branding Your Law Practice

lawyer marketingWhen you are in the legal industry, you know that it is a very competitive industry. How many lawyers do you know in one area alone? I don’t have exact figures but if I am going to bet there are thousands of lawyers in one region alone in every country. So that is very competitive. An excellent initial step to ensure prospective clients see you would be to build a website for your very own law practice. Show people that you have the skills and also the expertise to fight for their case and succeed in it. Check out web design Auckland to help you get started. What do you exactly need to get noticed?

Tips on Branding your law practice

Excellent branding includes more than your logo. Your brand makes you stay ahead of others within your market and how customers remember you. Therefore, your brand must be shown on your web page. Here are some tips to brand your law firm’s web design.

1. Use your Law Firm name and Your Logo
Consider a logo that you can use throughout all channels. It should be used in your website because it helps build brand recognition. When you are recognized in the industry, potential clients actually remember you through your brand within or outside the internet.

2. What’s your Brand Colors?
Decide on brand colors that will help you stand out. You can use your chosen colors as background and on call-to-action buttons. Use the same colors in your visual presentation, ads graphics, and even in links to differentiate you from the rest.

3. Stress on Your Advantage
So what sets you apart from millions of law firms out there? What’s your specialization in legal practice. How are you so much different from others of the same specialty? Feature your advantage. You will have to take account of all these and stress on it on your website and even in all your ads. Your advantage will be your unique selling point.

4. Are you in Google My Business?
The very first listing that you will have to do is to list your company and your website in Google My Business. When you create a listing with Google, you will have a better chance of being seen across Google search engine. This is completely free. Make sure that you have all the right information in place from your business name, location, website, as well as industry. You will have to verify your business. Just follow the instructions that will be given to you upon listing your business.

5. Consider Search Engine Optimization (the famous SEO)
You want your website to be seen in search engines such as Google and Bing. Therefore, it is important for you to optimize your website. This means making your website search friendly so that spiders on the web will be able to find you once they type in a keyword like attorneys, lawyers, and other related search terms. Luckily, there are already built-in features on your website backend especially if you are using WordPress. Learn more about SEO to get the advantage you need.

7. Add Testimonials
Make use of testimonials from previous clients to help build credibility and for clients to trust you. When site guests note that you have effectively led and earned cases just like theirs, they will be more likely to plan an appointment.

There are more steps you can do to make your website stand out and let your business be known. All it needs is diligence and hiring the right professional to do the job for you. A small fee can go along way to promote your business.

Marketing Tips for Lawyers

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